Turn-based strategy

Game basics

Map consists of the provinces with garrisons of 1-7 cards. Attack enemies, win battles and conquer the entire world!

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Players: 2 - 9.
Multiplayer: hotseat.

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Minimal system requirements: 256 Mb, 500 MHz, OS Windows

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Cards arrangement

Card values

You can play random scenario as well as any of the following.


Easy game

Fist player has twice as many provinces as the second one. Recommended to explore game mecahnocs.

Equal chances

Four players at the corners of the board.

Barbarian invasion

four barbarian hordes are invading your country. Will you fight back?


Four expeditions are struggling for the control over prosperous land, inhabited by natives.

Third power

Will a small nation benefit from the struggle of two great powers?

The fall of empire

Ambitios rulers come to power at the provinces of an exhausted empire. You are one of them. Will you crush your opponents and build a new, stronger empire?

One of the three

Anyone who breaks out ahead and takes the center, will inevitably fall under attacks of the other players.

American Civil War

You can play for Dixi, Yankee, Mexico or Britain.


Leon, Aragon, Castile, Navarre and Portugal vs. Badajoz, Granada, Saragossa and Toledo. But only one fill finally control Iberia.

Rise of Rome

Roman eagles are rising over the Mediterranean! You can play for Rome, Carthage, Egypt, Greece, Seleucids, Gauls, Thracians, Teutons or


Revolutionary France will shake the whole European order! Perhaps..

Players: France, England, Austria, Spain, Prussia. Russia, Ottomans, Napoli, Sweden

African pie

The biggest historical scenario for now.

Map size: 1280x1024
Provinces: 77

Great Powers are ready to enter Africa.
Italy (starts with Sicilia)
Ottoman empire
African states (territory of Ethiopia, Liberia, Sokoto, Madagaskar, Republic of Congo, Transvaal and Orange Republic)
African tribes.

Download CardWars v. (1,3 Mb)

Thanks and credits

Great thanks to AFro, Dynamic, IL2T, Wanderer, sweeper, swan, NeseryozniyVET, papa1, Snake_B, , Den9510, Monster and other members for testing, discussion, ideas and advice.

Great thanks to UFOLOG for sound compositions.

Great thanks to DiceWars creators, the principle of which inspired CardWars.

License agreement

Downloading this program you agree to use it at your own risk and not to dis-assemble it or use in commercial purposes.

Play and have fun!